Recommendation based rankings

The customers of a company are without doubt best placed to evaluate its performance, quality and services. Companies that operate in the same sector (otherwise known as “peers”) however, have extensive market knowledge, receive feedback from customers, and have a deep understanding of market participants, which consequently makes their evaluation another important aspect.

Therefore, in many of our projects we refer to either one or both of these evaluation dimensions, which enables us to obtain a well-informed overall assessment of the company. We use large scale market research and often supplement this with evaluations contributed by our partners.

To give you an example, over 70,000 recommendations made within the last 12 months are analysed for our top list of the best 1,000 employers in Germany, created annually for FOCUS magazine. Opinions collected by Statista in a far reaching employee survey are combined with opinions collected by Xing and employer platform Kununu. The result is, to our knowledge, the broadest annual employee survey conducted in Germany – and is what our top list is based on.

For years we have developed our reputable top lists and rankings of companies that stand out from the crowd and warrant recognition through our respective media partner’s prestigious awards.

We create unique content for our media partners, as our rankings and top lists create transparency in fragmented, often non-transparent markets.

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