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As a full-service market research institute, we support you with your market research projects and look forward to receiving your requests and discussing them with you.

Over the past 12 months we conducted over 1 million interviews collecting and analyzing a vast amount of data for our numerous clients.

We carry out both national and international projects in, amongst others, Germany, France, UK, US, and within Asia – we are happy to advise you.

Key areas of our research focus



Both customer and employee satisfaction are key factors for corporate success.

For years now, we have been recognizing the best employers and we would be glad to evaluate your success factors too.


Key performance indicators such as brand awareness, image and brand strength are among the main factors contributing to revenue growth.

We regularly create rankings and lists of the most popular brands and we would be glad to analyze your brand’s key figures, too.


We support your company throughout the entire innovation cycle: develop new product ideas with us and test concepts or products directly with your target group.

We help you identify innovation opportunities and successfully launch new products in your target markets.

Our methods

Quantitative methods

Quantitative methods

With more than 1,000,000 online interviews per year, Statista Research & Analysis is one of the largest providers of market research services. We are your experts for online surveys of any kind.

We prepare the results so that they are instantly usable for you (e.g. in Excel or PowerPoint format). And we are also able to provide you with an infographic, animated database, dashboard or video.

Qualitative methods

Qualitative methods

We do not just analyze figures, but also collect qualitative data. For instance, we use group discussions to determine the motivations, expectations, and opinions of your potential customers as well as validate market data and developments by means of expert interviews.

Be it participant observation, expert interview or group discussion — we are your competent partner for qualitative market research both off and online.

Quantitative methods at a glance

Online interviews

CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interviews

Easy, fast and precise — an online interview is an efficient survey design for every budget

Telephone interviews

CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews enable us to extend the target audience of a survey to include internet non-users

Personal interviews

CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviews

We reliably reach sophisticated target audiences (e.g. doctors) using personal face-to-face interviews

On-site interviews

CLT – Central Location

Studio tests conducted at central locations in large cities, for instance, enable us to conduct field research in developing countries as well

Data analytics

Cluster analysis

We explore your target groups, as well as segment and describe them based on sociodemographic and other relevant characteristics

Conjoint analysis

We help you optimize your product portfolio and provide you with insights regarding the best design and pricing strategy for your product

Factor analysis

We summarize survey data with many variables and attributes and determine the factors and properties that are most relevant to your products or services

Correlation analysis

Discover (unexpected) correlations! We analyze the relationship among attributes and offer new data perspectives

Regression analysis

Be it simple or multiple, linear or nonlinear regression – we analyze the relationship between variables in a model tailored to your needs

Key driver analysis

We identify the aspects and factors that drive the long-term success of your product and company

Statista Customer Cloud

Along with common result and data formats such as Excel, SPSS, or PowerPoint reports, Statista Research & Analysis offers you a software solution to carry out market research projects in a convenient, agile, and efficient manner.

The customized Statista Customer Cloud® is an interactive online evaluation tool: via mouse click you can carry out your own evaluation of the data available in the constantly growing database, in order to spot changes and trends at a glance
The tool also allows for the constant and simple integration of new questions for individual target groups based on a large-scale initial survey and other ad-hoc surveys of the same sample (re-contact surveys).
Cc Survey

Cc Survey

Statista Online Do-It-Yourself Analysis Tool

• Your DIY online evaluation tool
• Your specific target audiences
• Your deep dive (based on the combination of all survey results)
In case you would like to have results turned into an infographic, video, or microsite, you are welcome to take a look at what the
Statista Content- & Infographics-Service.

Why choose Statista as your market research partner?

Our approach is ...

– with numerous offices, employees, and customers around the world
– with an extensive pool of data from 18,000 Statista sources
– with a great deal of experience in handling large and complex data sets

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