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Forbes and Statista compile ranking of the “Best Employers for Diversity“

Social responsibility is only one reason why employers should be concerned with hiring a diverse workforce. Several studies have shown that companies with more diverse boards and management teams perform stronger financially than companies with predominantly white male boards.

For the first time, Statista – in cooperation with Forbes – set out to examine which US companies see diversity as a guiding principle. Statista surveyed over 30,000 U.S. employees in August 2017, asking questions about diversity, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and disability. Responses among underrepresented ethnic minorities, women and people aged 50 and older received greater weight in the ranking. Additionally, the gender split of companies’ management teams and boards, and whether a company proactively communicates about diversity were incorporated. The results were compiled into the ranking of the top 250 “Best Employers for Diversity“.

The results were published in Forbes on 01/23/2018 and can also be found online here.