Bild_breit 29.03.2017

Statista publishes Digital Customer Dialogue Benchmark Study

For the fourth time already, Focus Money, Deutschland Test, and Statista have examined the customer communication and digital service of companies belonging to the four industries of telecommunication, finance, insurance and passenger transportation. As one part of the study, the analyzed companies’ digital channel offerings were compared by measuring a broad range of evaluation criteria. Additionally various test scenarios with regard to topics such as invoice, customer data, contracts or complaint management were carried out across different contact channels, e.g. Facebook or the customer forum. On top of that, an online survey was conducted in order to include the experiences and opinions of customers.

At the top of the overall ranking are the telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, the banks comdirect and Consorsbank and the insurance company ERGO Direkt.

Further information as well as the results of the three individual study parts can be found in the current issue 13/2017 of Focus magazine (out 25/03). The comprehensive Statista report consisting of a professionally prepared PDF file, an Excel database as well as a Tableau workbook includes all the results and detailed analyses for the 40 examined companies. It was published on 28/03/2017 and can be purchased here.