Statista_Gasstudie_2018_final 21.02.2018

Gas customers and suppliers 2018: Who chooses whom and why?

For the first time, Statista has published an extensive study on the preferences and experiences of household consumers with regards to their gas supplier in Germany. What becomes clear is that, depending on the customer segment, the price is not the only relevant criterion for choosing a supplier.

Gas is, at least for household consumers, a homogenous good. This constitutes a challenge for gas suppliers: If your product cannot be distinguished from that of your competitors, how can you position yourself on the market? This question and others are answered in Statista‚Äôs empirical study titled “Gas consumers and suppliers 2018: Who chooses whom and why?”.

For the study more than 6,800 household customers were surveyed and asked to rate their respective gas supplier as well as competitors they are familiar with. Using sophisticated statistical methods, customers were divided into five heterogeneous segments, which in turn were analyzed in great detail. The study not only indicates which customer types can be targeted in which German state, but also examines the different phases of entering into a contract with a gas supplier. Moreover, the brand awareness and reputation of different suppliers is reviewed. The study thus provides fascinating insights into how customers choose their gas supplier.

The study consists of a professionally designed PDF file (approx. 200 pages) and a clearly structured Excel database with detailed results for certain suppliers. More information and a free sample (in German) can be found here.