Blog_breit 14.09.2018

Service Champions in Germany awarded for the third time

How highly do customers rate the quality of customer service in companies, service providers and institutions in Germany? In order to gain an accurate insight into this question, TESTBILD and Statista interviewed 20,500 people about the service quality of companies in Germany within 200 possible industries.

In the survey, customers were asked to rate the customer service, professional competence, communication, accessibility, scope of services as well as to indicate their willingness to recommend their chosen companies. Questions asked included the following examples: “How reachable are customer service employees?” “Do they always remain objective, friendly and helpful?” and “do they meet the expectations of the customers?”.

Some small firms and chains scored highly. A notable example of this would be that Flexpress scored more highly than some of the larger chains in the courier and express services sector. Something similar can be seen in gas stations where GO and OMV occupy top positions. This year, almost 20,500 consumers submitted their verdicts on service quality for 200 industries. In total, more than 800 providers with excellent service were identified.

The results were published in the latest issue of TESTBILD 4/2018 (EVT: 14.09.2018) and are available online here.