Cover2018 13.04.2018

New brand eins Edition on Consulting

The consulting industry in Germany is on the move: For the eighth consecutive year, revenues were growing in 2017 – by 8.5%, to a total of 31.5 billion Euros. At the moment, everything seems possible: Analyses and algorithms, micro-projects and comprehensive solutions, strategies and implementation. Organisations looking for consultancies – like the Wacken Heavy Metal Festival – are likely to be overwhelmed by the range of offers. This is where the brand eins Consulting Edition, published by the business magazine brand eins and Statista, comes in.

In an extensive survey, the consulting firms where assessed and 293 made the list. More than 1700 partners of consultancies and 1500 managing staff submitted their reviews this year. Their recommendations can be viewed on an interactive website for the first time. Clients can find the best consultancies in their respective industry or for particular tasks and compare them here.

Since 2014, Statista cooperates with brand eins Wissen to publish industry reports. They combine analytical and entertaining stories on business topics with large-scale studies and industry rankings based on the latter. The brand eins Consulting Edition (in German) is available in stores from April 13, 2018, onward. It can also be found online.