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„Freundin“ and Statista present the most popular brands among women

With an ever growing range of products, consumers need independent recommendations when it comes to purchasing decisions. Together with the German women’s magazine “Freundin”, Statista conducted a large survey among female consumers in order to identify the most popular brands in 100 product categories. The Top 10 or Top 5 brands are presented in a dedicated issue of “Freundin”, designed to serve consumers as a source of information and guide.

In a large online survey, around 4,000 women aged 25 years and older evaluated more than 3,600 brands out of 100 product categories. The eleven highest-level categories were decorative cosmetic, facial care, hair care, body care, food & drink, kitchen accessories, large and small kitchen utensils, detergent & washing up liquid, “house, garden & travel” and shopping. The brands in each product category were evaluated on the basis of different criteria, such as brand awareness and image, willingness to buy, regular use and willingness to recommend.

This Freundin “Brand Book” was published on the 31.05.2017 as a 108 sided special edition with issue 13 of Freundin, both in print and E-paper forms. More information about this methodology is available by following: www.freundin.de/markenliebling.