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6th edition of „Coffee in Numbers“ published in cooperation with Tchibo and Brand Eins

Do you also enjoy drinking coffee? Good coffee? Then you would definitely want to know more about it: where it comes from, who creates it, what defines its quality and who earns what from it. Once again, Statista has partnered with Tchibo and the German magazine “brand eins Wissen” to publish their sixth coffee report in which you’ll find limitless information about the world’s second most important commodity: information about people and markets, products and prices, trends and traditions, the preferences of the German consumer, and those of coffee drinkers the world over.

This year, the focus is coffee and love. Where, when, how and with who is coffee best drunk? What associations bind people with it? How do people prefer to prepare their coffee? What is particularly important in a Café? These questions along with many others have been answered by around 3000 people in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and in Switzerland. Your various preferences as well as your associated feelings, habits and rituals when indulging in coffee have been collected together in this one-of-a-kind coffee report.

In addition to the study, which can be downloaded free of charge here, there is also an interactive edition of the project at kaffee.brandeins.de.