Siegel_breit 4.06.2018

Launch of “INDEX CONFIANCE”: a new label on the French market

In 2018, only 7% of French consumers surveyed consider that brands are open and honest (2018 Survey, “Authentic Brand 100”). Indeed, health crisis, food fraud and questionable practices of multinational companies around the world have raised consumer attention. Consumers are nowadays more careful and willing to balance their decision on more criteria than just price and quality. In this context, consumers’ voices are the best to trust.

Thanks to our solid experience in consumer survey and our French team, we founded a new institute called “L’Institut de la Satisfaction Client” (Client’s Satisfaction Institute). The goal is to offer to the consumer lists of trustworthy companies on various sectors such as sport, insurance or education. These Top-lists have been based on consumer recommendations only, that is why we named them “INDEX CONFIANCE” (Trust Index).

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