Market Research

Market Research

Customers. Colleagues. Competitors. What are they really thinking and what do they need? We can find out for you. We get to the bottom of your question, exploring preferences, habits and attitudes of your potential customers and translate these into facts and figures. We can discuss the best approach for you.
Frequently used methods include the following…

Quantitative Market Research

With more than 1,000,000 online interviews per year, Statista Research & Analysis is one of the largest service providers in this area. We are your experts for online surveys of any kind.

As a full service provider we conduct thorough B2C and B2B surveys at both a national and international level. We will consult with you on an applicable method and thereafter we will formulate a suitable research design, prepare and program the survey, guide and oversee the field work-phase and evaluate the results.

For many years we have worked together with some of the largest and most renowned panel-providers worldwide for precisely this purpose.

Of course, we will prepare all of the results so that they are instantly usable in the format you require, e.g. in Excel or Power Point. As a further option, we would also be happy to provide you with an infographic, an animated database, a dashboard or a film.

Throughout the process we will be open to all of your individual requests, ideas and objectives as it is our commitment to deliver our services to your utmost satisfaction.

Qualitative Market Research

Not only do we investigate data but also qualitatively explore the motivations, expectations and attitudes of your potential customers, e.g. using focus group interviews. We then make our analysis in context of expert interviews, market data and trends, based on which you will be able to make forecasts on success-related key figures.

We design the discussion guide with you, select the participants, conduct the interviews and process the results.

Through this process you will have gained a significant edge which will lead to being able to optimally assess the consequences of strategic decisions so you can make the most successful entrepreneurial decisions.

Statista Customer Cloud

At Statista Research & Analysis we provide our customers with a solution to carry out market research projects in a convenient, agile and efficient manner. The goal of the customized Statista Customer Cloud is to enable the constant and simple integration of new questions for individual target groups. This way, both short-term and regular needs for research can be met in a highly cost-effective manner that delivers results quickly. Using the associated online evaluation tool you can carry out your own evaluation of the constantly growing database. Furthermore, you can also view new data in relation to the data already available in order to spot changes and trends at a glance.

A perfect overview for everyone – accessible at any time and from anywhere

Store, find and evaluate all market research results at one location and share them as needed.

Do-it-yourself insight generation

Generate relevant customer insights and identify trends through cross analyses in the course of your individual initial survey and subsequent surveys.

Agility and cost control

Add new questions and target groups to the existing data within days instead of months

Main features:

    • Elimination of duplicate data collection and related expenses
    • Cost-effective & quick solution for short-term research needs
    • All survey results stored at one location including online access
    • DIY: various (cross) analysis possibilities available to you
    • Presentation of the results in the form of charts & interactive graphics
    • Export to Excel and support of SPSS
    • Full service support through all stages provided by Statista

Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with an initial insight into our services and a trial access.

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