„Freundin“ and Statista present the most popular brands among women

With an ever growing range of products, consumers need independent recommendations when it comes to purchasing decisions. Together with the German women’s magazine “Freundin”, Statista conducted a large survey among female consumers in order to identify the most popular brands in 100 product categories. The Top 10 or Top 5 brands are presented in a dedicated issue of “Freundin”, designed to serve consumers as a source of information and guide. More

6th edition of „Coffee in Numbers“ published in cooperation with Tchibo and Brand Eins

Do you also enjoy drinking coffee? Good coffee? Then you would definitely want to know more about it: where it comes from, who creates it, what defines its quality and who earns what from it. Once again, Statista has partnered with Tchibo and the German magazine “brand eins Wissen” to publish their sixth coffee report in which you’ll find limitless information about the world’s second most important commodity: information about people and markets, products and prices, trends and traditions, the preferences of the German consumer, and those of coffee drinkers the world over. More

TESTBILD and Statista present the best shops and businesses in 40 German cities

Where do Germans prefer to go when they want to buy groceries, shoes or furniture? Where do they go to exercise or to organize trips abroad? We have addressed these questions for the first time, in cooperation with the TESTBILD, by carrying out a comprehensive online survey. We asked customers in the 40 biggest cities throughout Germany which stores and places they prefer the most within their town.

In up to 20 different categories, e.g. bakeries, supermarkets, opticians or delivery services, the respondents were asked to evaluate the shops by several criteria, such as service, choice or value for money. The result is a ranking of the 1456 best rated shops and businesses in 40 cities which may now carry the label “The Best in Town”.

The complete ranking can be found in the just published issue of the German magazine TESTBILD 3/2017. For more information, you can also click here.