Our Content Marketing & Infographics team has stepped up their PowerPoint game

Our specialized infographics service offers an extensive product portfolio for a wide range of applications within our customer’s communication & marketing activities. You can use our infographics to upgrade your newsletters and posts on Facebook and Twitter. All different kinds of studies and press releases can be enriched content-wise as well as visually in order to graphically reinforce the results and analyses. Especially suitable for websites and mobile display are our large-sized story charts. Furthermore, we offer our customers a variety of special projects e.g. interactive charts and microsites, animated videos or booklets, brochures and magazines. Our projects are data-driven, depicted in your corporate design, completed with modifiable content and graphics and enhanced with animations. More

March 14, 2017

NEW: Statista Hosts First Seminar

At Statista we have a deep expertise in research, analysis, and interpretation of information. We would now like to pass this knowledge on to professionals outside our company. That is why on 25 April we will host our first “Introduction to Research & Analysis” seminar.

In a small group of 20 attendees you will learn from our experienced coaches and analysts how to use basic tools to transform information resources target-oriented and efficiently into an advance in knowledge and eventually secure a competitive advantage.

For more information (in German) about the seminar please click here.

March 6, 2017

Germans love to cook: TESTBILD and Statista honor “Best Kitchen Brand 2017”

Germans cook, roast and bake more than ever before: Cooking events are enjoying great popularity and television cooking shows attract millions every week. Which kitchen brand is most appreciated by consumers? Which dishes decorate our tables and which pots are used to cook? These and more questions are now answered by the award “Best Kitchen Brand 2017” by TESTBILD and Statista. More