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Knowledge is power

Statistics may be our central DNA, but we offer a lot more. Our team of over 50 international experts will provide the answer to your individual question. Read more

Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

Customers. Colleagues. Competitors. What are they really thinking and what do they need? We can find out for you. Read more
Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

We research and analyse markets, companies, competitors and much more – Discover the benefits of our expertise. Read more
  • VW
  • Roland Berger
  • 1&1
  • Daimler
  • Mediasaturn
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Xing
  • Telekom


Rankings and Top Lists

Our insightful rankings reveal the best in class

Together with media partners and review sites, we create rankings, top lists and reports on numerous industries or topics, in Germany and internationally. These are either based on empirical market research, tests or a combination of both.

  • Computer Bild
  • Forbes
  • Focus
  • Chip
  • Capital
  • Brandeins
  • Autobild
  • Autobild

  • Capital

  • Focus

  • brandeins

  • Computerbild

  • Forbes

Recommendation based rankings

We survey customers or colleagues in an industry/category and from their evaluations and peer-to-peer recommendations we can determine the best or most recommended. Read more

Test-based rankings

Based on extensive and detailed tests that we design, implement and analyse, we determine the top performers in each industry, using objective and transparent criteria. Read more

Content Marketing

Infographics – at a glance

We create infographics on specific company topics in your corporate design, for use in your internal and external communication, whether that’s online, on social media or in print.
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Corporate Publishing – add extra value

Add a visual dimension to your customer and employee magazine or your corporate book by integrating our infographics. Your readers will be highly grateful. Read more
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General Management & Rankings

General Management & Rankings
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Market Research & Analysis

Market Research & Analysis
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Reports & Labels

Reports & Labels
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